Why the Experiential Focus?

After years of sitting in classrooms, church congregations, in front of the TV, or sitting in meetings, individuals often THINK they are retaining information and will respond to that information in aRead More…

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Expand your vision

Expanding Your Vision

To expand your vision requires that you have one! Many people have wished … but few actually take the wish and make it into a vision. Your vision is your target. It’sRead More…

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Thinking for herself

Thinking for Yourself

A simple quote posted on a Facebook wall … “Think for Yourself, Question Everything” stirred up some interesting conversations from people who had a few things to say regarding how they wereRead More…

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When crisis hits a church

When Crisis Hits a Church

It begins with a catastrophic event or immoral behavior by a senior leader in a church where the lives of members are forever altered and affected.   Usually, such an event carriesRead More…

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