Living Forward - Redeeming the Past

Whether it is through your communication, your thoughts, the decisions you make in life, or even how you eat, play, work or worship … you WILL impact others, positively … or negatively.

A stone can be thrown, or built upon. To injure, or protect. Living Stones Center creates facilitated experiences help to uncover issues in how we communicate, how we make our decisions, how we relate to others – and in turn, how we affect the world around us.

Young Families

Differences in education, cultural experience, personality, and motivational focus, life experiences, etc. contribute negatively and/or positively to the perception of ourselves – and others.

It is these differences that bring us the richness and variety in experiences and relationships we all crave and need to live a fulfilling life.

Through live events, workshops online and locally participants discover how they are truly reacting to life events … not how they think and believe who they are.

Supporting each other

We cannot survive this world without one another. Learning how to appreciate who you are – and who is next to you, helps us to understand how we can overcome difficulties together.

Not understanding simple clues and behaviors can trigger negative responses. We usually respond with our various filters and learned belief systems.

Chaos, confusion, offenses, and emotional upheavals are inevitable. Left unchecked, serious dysfunctions arise in the form of abusive and enabling behaviors. This seriously impacts our health, marriages, and more importantly, children and our community as negative behaviors flow into the world around us.

Being told what the problem is, often causes people to become defensive. Creating an experience that reveals how they respond to various situations, however, will enable the participant to discover things at a much deeper level in a safe environment.