Relationship Circles

Invite a friend to one of these events …

Developing a healthy relationship with others AND with yourself. Learn how to appreciate who you are in your authenticity while accepting others in theirs.


Thoughtful, interesting, and insightful conversations about life, faith, and living with others different from ourselves, are the backbone and mission of Circles Journey Groups.

It is through dialogue that we learn about one another. Our different personalities, life experiences, talents, interests, and humor are what make relationships rich and vital to healthy living. 

You’d be amazed at what you can learn through facilitated conversations that include learning about individual personality differences, body language, beliefs, and questions that have been held back previously because of fear of judgment.

Always in a relaxed, often humorous environment, online and in-person groups discover many ways of engaging with one another. 

If you want to learn and grow while developing useful and meaningful relationships. Relationship Circles is for you!