Like a breath of fresh air! …

Join us with a desire to explore and reflect within yourself while supporting others who are doing the same. Our goal is not to tell you WHAT to think or feel, but to support you in your journey as to WHY to think and feel. 

Your journey is your own and is to be respected and embraced, not only by yourself but by others whom you choose to walk with. 

Join us for one or more of our CIRCLES JOURNEY GROUPS



Life Circles


Learn, discuss, and explore various topics that affect us on a daily basis. 

It is in this group that we learn about:
"Living Forward"

9:30 am – 12:00 pm

Relationship Circles


Focusing on the various relationships that we have with ourselves, and others.

It is in this group that we learn how to:
"Redeeming the past"

9:30 am – 12:00 pm

Join us anytime and see for yourself!

Conversations are facilitated by a Professional Life Coach and are safe, insightful, and without shame or blame.

You will meet other people like yourself who are seeking real conversations and who are tired of walls, pretenses, and canned or pat-answers.

Participants enjoy an environment in which they are invited to enter into conversations at their own pace. We invite you to participate in our often humorous and insightful conversations that address root issues of life, relationships, and pursuing dreams.

Everything has a lesson! Whether over a cup of coffee or in a facilitated discussion, lessons are learned through noticing and being safe to ask questions or in sharing insights.


Periodic ...

Biking Circle

Biking Circle

For the serious biker or the hobby biker ... or those who just want to get outside and reclaim their childhood. Bike paths, trails, neighborhood streets - who knows where you'll find us next?

Business Circle

Business Circle

Own a business? Thinking about self-employment? Networking, WordPress, desktop publishing, social media questions and more from others - just like you. New, established, growing, or ... join us!

Coffee Circle

Coffee Circle

There's something about meeting at a coffee shop - especially one that serves breakfast - for a casual time of chatting, enjoying one another's company and meeting new friends.

Creative Circle

Creative Circle

Drawing, painting, crafts, you name it, this Circle combines the artistic experience and expression with conversations and revelations.

Diversity Circles

Diversity Circle

Learn what the world looks like from someone who is racially, or physically different from you. Open conversations in a safe and loving format – guaranteed to open eyes and change perceptions.

Health Circle

Health Circle

Whatever pertains to health - body, soul and spirit. Guest speakers and/or videos to learn more about our health and well-being. Workshops = Small fee may be required to cover costs.

Leaders Circle

Leaders Circle

For Leaders who are already actively engaged in mentoring and leading others. Personal support, encouragement and insights in a safe, and confidential setting.

Leader's Heart

Mentors Circle

Women who are, or have an interest in serving others in a leadership role and how to be the best they can be while understanding those they serve.

Mentor Circle

Mentoring Circle

Sharing what we know with others (cooking, crafts, family skills and more) Older women teaching younger women, a variety of skills, or sharing experiences. Pass it on!

MM and BS Circles

MM & BS Circle

Mind-mapping (while uncovering Belief Systems getting in the way) is more effective than taking notes and is an excellent tool for remembering things interactively because of the visual elements.

Movie Circle

Movie Circle

A great night out with friends is to meet at a local theater and watch a movie together, then go out for coffee after. The discussions are interesting and the thoughts are fresh on everyone's mind.

Photography Circle

Photography Circle

Field trips include nature, city, or still life. Amateur photographers and skilled join together to share insights, techniques, favorite locations, and relationship – all from behind the camera.

Video Circles


Tapping into the wealth of information available online through videos, we'll watch a short video and then talk about what we saw, heard, and experienced.

Walking Circle

Walking Circle

(Dogs and children Welcome) – at various locations. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, if your child or dog is with you, it must be on a leash. (your choice)

Writing Circle

Do you love to write? Are you writing and would like to move to another level? This Group meets to just ... write together in a local coffee shop or home so that we can enjoy the synergy of writing together.


Meeting times are USA Mountain Standard Time.

Join us no matter where you are!

All Groups are ONLINE until further notice
Past lessons, handouts, videos and more can be found in the MEMBERS AREA (Subscribe to gain access)