Our Values and Dynamics

C.I.R.C.L.E.S.  G.R.O.U.P.S.

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Each letter of our name describes our values and the dynamics of our times together. Knowing these will help you to know what to expect when you visit us. We meet in a variety of places and participate in a variety of activities.

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C.I.R.C.L.E.S. C.I.R.C.L.E.S.
Compassion Compassion
Integrity Integrity
Clarity Clarity
Love vs. Law Love vs. Law
Encouragement Encouragement
Sensitive Sensitive
G.R.O.U.P.S. G.R.O.U.P.S.
Gratitude Gratitude
Respect Respect
Observation Observation
Understanding Understanding
Purpose Purpose
Safety Safety
Living Forward - Redeeming the Past Living Forward - Redeeming the Past

Honoring, celebrating and sharing our journeys in life. 

Circles Groups List /  Calendar  / Members / Subscribe

Experience much more than a location, education or activity. Each Circles Groups meeting is in a facilitated environment where together, we discover the lessons in everything – especially in how we communicate, listen, participate, and share our life’s journey. 

Values and Dynamics

If you are one of those types of people that would like to hold the document in your hands and keep it for your reference This is for you …

Circles Values Index


This PDF contains the index and each description.

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