There’s No Teacher Like Experience!

Being told something and experiencing it are two different things.  Unfortunately, most of us become conflicted in our beliefs and choices in life because we are taught to do what we are told, but we often experience something entirely different.

Discovering the difference and then making informed choices to gain different results in your life is not only productive, but enlightening.

By creating an experience and facilitating the discovery of the thought processes that occurred during your experience, we help you to uncover those things that are sabotaging and defeating every area of your life.

A lesson awaits at every turn of the road … let’s have fun while we discover!

Every person on the planet Earth has potential to change lives – for the good or for the worse. Each person deserves a chance.

An individual who has been empowered to embrace their passion and dreams WILL change their world.

The programs under the Living Stones Center umbrella, facilitate the discovery of purpose, value and responsibility in each individual through experiential education. We utilize a wide variety of programs, services, workshops, retreats and one-on-one coaching through hands on experiences for individuals and families – adults and children alike.


Locally: On site mentoring in various artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors are available as well as opportunities to connect and sponsor families in other countries who are also on a healing journey. We provide training and facilitation exercises through our programs that include working with animals, artistic expression and groups that meet on a regular basis to create mentoring and community interactions.

The World: Two additional projects are family centers in India and Liberia which address the needs of widows, orphans and displaced families.

Miracles happen when individuals
and families discover their own self worth
and the value of others near and far

Living Stones Center takes the ‘stones’ (people) that have been rejected (by others) and builds a new foundation where greatness and unconditional love can manifest and multiply.

We are a 501(c)(3)  non-profit providing the means to the necessary tools and resources for creative learning experiences which facilitate a more whole, edifying experience, higher retention and effective results. We partner with other non-profits and utilize the services of businesses and like minded professionals and CEO’s to create a whole learning and healing experience.

We provide experiential education in a fun and creative environment for individuals and families in crisis or transition as well as families who desire to move to another level of growth and empowerment.


The Mission of Living Stones Center is to provide experiential learning through a variety of mediums and venues to facilitate change, healing, self discovery and growth — body, soul and spirit.Individuals and groups learn how to take responsibility for their health, create new futures, set goals and develop better leadership skills, teams and relationships when they learn how to embrace their purpose and passion.

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To work with and create strategic alliances with other organizations who’s  focus is to empower individuals and families to make a difference in this world. 

“The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone … and upon this rock, we will build”

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