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When you begin to NOTICE you start healing … and yes, it’s possible to turn back the hands of time! Wow … 


It all started when I needed to take a picture of myself for a profile. As happens in life, my whole world had blown up after divorce, loss of home, friends, and it was on the verge of getting worse … but I had no idea how much worse.

As the scapegoat in my family, I was carrying enormous amounts of shame and low self-esteem. The whole idea of taking a photo of myself to put online for business was mortifying. My saving grace is .. I have a sense of humor.

The first photo … eh … not so impressive … take another … then another … then I started playing … and an idea came to mind.

What if I were to pretend I was interacting with one of my cartoons? How would that look? Can I do that? So my faces got crazier and crazier. Pretty soon, I’m laughing and not at all self-conscious.

Little did I know, this brief, silly, moment in time, would be one of the cornerstones of my healing which has brought me to the place where I am now helping other women in “Redeeming their Past in order to Live Forward.”

It begins with small steps … and I HIGHLY recommend that you do this too – you’ll be amazed at what you can learn about yourself – and who needs to know unless 15 years later you decide to make it public? LOL  


Professional Life Coach, Retired Pastor, Cartoonist, Illustrator, Graphic Recorder, Creative Service Provider (how’s that for a wild mix!) and Proud Grandmother of three boys and three girls and Mother to three adults. Joe, Chris, and Denise. (Joe is married to Suzanne, Denise is married to Josh and Chris is still single.) 


“Redeem the past – Cherish Now – Live towards the Future “


Analyzer / Promoter / Supporter  Melancholy / Sanguine / Phlegmatic
C / I / S 
Beaver / Otter / Golden Retriever

(These are all the same, but said differently depending on the test)


Princess Diana / Audrey Hepburn / Fred Rogers / John Lennon / Kurt Cobain / / Helen Keller / Isabel Briggs Myers (creator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) / William Shakespeare / J.R.R. Tolkien / Johnny Depp / Julia Roberts / Lisa Kudrow  

“Looking at famous people who were or are the same personality type as me was a fun surprise. I cried!

It was very validating to see what others, who are like me, have accomplished and how they have influenced others.”

My Motivational Gifting …

What motivates me is ENCOURAGING and TEACHING


Living Stones Center

This is the website that you are visiting now. Take a look around!

Sarah’s Tent

Sarah’s Tent is a nonprofit project under the umbrella covering of Living Stones Church, Inc. It began as the first online community for pastor’s wives and women in ministry and was mentioned in TIME magazine in 2007.  

Shannon Parish

This is my main website and my other websites are attached to it, except for a couple of sites that are in development status at the present time. (Ever know a seamstress to make only one dress? Try being a web designer!)

Completed People

This is my Life Coaching website.  Blending Life Coaching with my Creative Services has been a brilliant and compatible decision for both my clients and how I serve them.

Creative Virtual Office

The creative services that I provide through this site are what helps me to pay my bills – and continues to fuel my vision to help women over fifty who are rebuilding their lives. I envision other women obtaining work through this website to help them supplement their income by providing their services to my clients in a variety of skill sets.

Illustrating You

This website focuses on what I provide as a graphic recorder. 


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