Expand your vision

To expand your vision requires that you have one! Many people have wished … but few actually take the wish and make it into a vision.

Your vision is your target. It’s where you set your intentions to attain that target.

imageExpanding your vision is to see the vision clearly and write it down. Planning your steps so that you can attain your end goal is a must – otherwise, you are only wishing.

Expansion requires imagination. Every detail must be considered and planned for. What will it look like to achieve your goal? What will you feel like? How did you get there? Who was on your team? What will it cost and how much time will it take? All of these questions lead to specific answers that assist in your planning.

Set your course

Set your course – be adventurous!

But expanding your vision isn’t all about planning, it’s also about receiving and keeping an open mind towards how you will reach that goal. Having a flexible mind and heart that is “abundant” oriented will offer many more opportunities and resources than you could possibly know before hand when planning.

This expansion deals with your heart and your mind. This also begins with a heart and mind filled with gratitude for all things. All events that come to us in our lives – both good and bad – carry lessons with them. If we are open to those lessons – we will see opportunities. Those opportunities create character and wisdom and multiply your resources in more ways than you can imagine!

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