N = Noticing
T = transitions
N = Noticing
T = thinking


Each letter in the word INTENTIONS introduces a topic that affects your intentions … and results.  Watch the video when noted, download the worksheet to process your thoughts.


Discovering your real intentions begins with taking inventory of your results and satisfaction in life. 

N = Noticing

N = NOTICING the messages
Noticing the messages in your life. Those that are around you, inside and from you, and those that others communicate to you. What conclusions are you drawing? What have you embraced? 

T = transitions

Any woman who has had a baby naturally has experienced that moment where she just doesn’t think that she can “do it”anymore. That’s when the baby is moving into the birth canal after hours of labor. But she does do it. She gives birth. 

VIDEO PLAYLIST ON TRANSITIONS ON YOUTUBE (Not all of these videos have been previewed. Please let Shannon know if you find one that is questionable, or if you discover another one on YouTube that you think would be great to add to this playlist.)

Ever hear of the term “Emotional Intelligence”? What happens when we can’t express them, or feel responsible for other people’s emotions, or can’t control our own? Want to know how you would score on an Emotional Intelligence test? 
Two tests online: 45 min. test  / 15 min. test


N = Noticing

N = NOTICING our growth
Never stop noticing. There are layers and layers of thoughts, emotions, responses, choices, wants and needs, and experiences, just to name a few. What are you noticing about noticing?

VIDEO: HELP KIDS NOTICE (They will help you!)

T = thinking

Are you thinking your own thoughts, or someone else’s, and if so, whose? Many of the thoughts we chew on regularly are actually installed with someone else’s intentions. What are your own intentions in regards to what you chose to think about?
PLAYLIST:  Videos to renew your mind with

Look around you … Before anything was made, either God or man—imagined it. There is a scripture verse that says, “Without a vision, my people perish.” A vision requires imagination. What can you imagine?
METAPHOR: IMAGINAL CELLS / Be encouraged if you are in a ‘gooey’ season of non-identity. Something beautiful is about to happen to you.

WORKSHEET: Just-Imagine 

O = overcome

More than once, I’ve been asked, “If you had to do it all over again, would you?” They ask because they too wonder if they’d “do it all over” again? Most likely, the “it” they are referring to is ‘overcoming’.  What have you overcome? How did you do it? What are you overcoming now? 
              WATCH VIDEO  / A blank page … think about it.
              Relationship CIrcle / 

N = Noticing

N = NOTICING who is greater
Have you ever had a problem so great that you just didn’t believe it was possible to overcome it? Various stories and scenarios probably played in your mind about which was greater … the problem, or … 

Life Circle / Watch the movie “I’m Not Your Guru” with Anthony Robbins on Netflix. (That link leads to the documentary on Vimeo. Please let me know if it doesn’t work.)
Relationship CIrcle / HANDOUT  Based on the questions that were posted in the movie, this has been adapted to include Circles. Answer the questions for where you are in life, and/or for why Circles matters.

As the year closes, you have a chance to reflect on what you’ve learned, what choices you’ve made and what outcomes you experienced. Do you believe that you were led by the spirit, or led by the Spirit? How do you know?
DATES: Life Circle / WATCH VIDEO on Netflix

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