Understanding Narcissism

The word NARCISSISM has become a heavily used buzz word in our society to describe people who are considered to be evil. If an individual is not a “Narcissist” then they are considered to be a ‘victim’ and innocent or good. 

This belief is actually a dangerous misunderstanding of what narcissism truly is – and what it is not. Join us for Tuesday videos to learn what it is we are living with, denying, or obsessing over. Why it’s important to understand it, and what it has to do with redeeming your past, understanding your “now”, and how it is affecting your desired future. 

Each Tuesday evening we’ll be watching one to two videos and discussing it within a 1 – 1 1/2 hour time slot. For more in-depth discussions and explorations regarding these dynamics, you’ll have an opportunity to subscribe to period private support groups to go deeper into your own healing and understanding. 

Tuesday groups are public groups and are open to anyone who is interested in taking responsibility for their own growth and clarity.