Mentoring and building relationships

Family and friends gather together

“Learning happens in a LINE … Growth happens in a CIRCLE” – Andy Stanley

The traditional method of teaching and learning is through verbal repetition applied to memory and is usually provided in a classroom environment. Participants sit in rows and face the teacher, taking notes, and when allowed, asking questions.

People talking and sharing while seated in a circle

If we aren’t sitting in circles talking, laughing, asking questions, and sharing our experiences, we are on the move – experiencing life together and learning at a deeper level because of our hands-on approach and active communication methods. Individuals unpack belief systems and learn to appreciate their own uniqueness as well as those around them. 

We have discovered that sitting in rows learning something is good for the mind … but sometimes the heart is on another page altogether and facilitated, experiential activities reveal what is in the heart, so that both, the mind and the heart, may grow and heal.

A facilitated experience is more effective because it engages all of the senses in the learning process.

  • Activity-based learning for experiential results
  • Educational 
  • Community
  • Reconnect through physical and artistic activities


Through recreational events and meetings, attendees will experience a variety of activities that usually include as many forms of experiential activities

Online workshops include visuals, discussion, and whiteboard participation.

Family Units … Beginning with Gramma

Encouragement, conversation, coaching, and education for women in ministry and those who they impact.

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CIRCLES GROUPS HOSTSCircles Events = Deep and interesting conversations that help women over fifty make sense of the past and live forward to a fulfilling future. 

Sarah's Tent ministry to pastor's wives and women in ministrySarah’s Tent = For pastor’s wives and women in ministry. Online chats – anonymous,  important, and insightful conversations that most leaders don’t get to have with others who know the journey of ministry work, serving others, while still navigating life.

Having LIFE together, living, laughing, loving and exploring the world around us.

Drama/learning creative expression and self-confidence through drama and the arts, writing and community service.

Drawing and Painting / creative expression to assist in thoughtful reflection and the releasing of emotional blockages

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Hey Dad! Look what's for dinner!

Last Straw Farms  – Outdoor and indoor activities to build and re-build relationships with Fathers and sons, Mothers and daughters.

The goal is to get kids and adults away from electronic devices and learn how to live and explore the world around us in real time – with real people, family, and friends.

Creativity, the arts, cooking, building, playing and learning how to do things together as a team and as a family.