We have a strong desire to find, address, and implement practical, insightful solutions to help families and communities navigate through the challenges of a stressful world with insight, humor and within a safe, “no-shame” environment.

Board of Directors

Shannon Parish, Founder

Shannon Parish
President, Founder
Ordained Minister, Professional Life Coach, Graphic Facilitator

Creator and Founder of an online community for pastor’s wives and women in ministry, mentioned in TIME magazine in 2007, Shannon has had the unusual and rare opportunity to hear from ministers of all denominations regarding personal and professional challenges. The voices and experiences from this experience has laid the foundation for Living Stones Center after she saw the need for practical solutions to common occurrences, no matter what the denomination or workplace.

Locating resources and answers became the goal after spending over thirty years in church ministry and another twenty in the workplace environment. Shannon has identified common, specific areas of dysfunction within individuals, their families and their children that are the result of an overly stressed, and modernized society. 

The lack of mentors, one-on-one teaching moments in an experiential setting and poor health, contribute to conflict and chaos that don’t need to happen. her goal is to educate and train community leaders and people who have a desire to make change happen, in a way that is simple and effective.

Shannon is a Professional Life Coach, Illustrator and Graphic Recorder who brings numerous resources and relationships to Living Stones Center for the purpose of healing, encouraging and educating those who have had enough of not being in control of their lives, and who desire to make change happen, not only for themselves, but for their children and their communities. 


Joe PalmerJoe Palmer
Vice President
Community Outreach
Business and Youth Visionary

Highly regarded, Joe’s Supervisory accomplishments reflect a strong leadership ethic, trouble shooting and problem solving skills and the ability to bring a team together to accomplish tasks in a timely and efficient manner. His clear understanding of processes, resourcefulness and how these all play into the big picture are invaluable to a growing organization and community.

The father of four children, with another on the way, he understands the importance of having relationships with his children and a clear understanding of the world in which they live. He, along with his wife Suzanne, purchased five acres with a 140 year old farm house to house their growing family and to have a place where Joe’s vision and dreams of helping other families connect through outdoor experiences, can occur.

A screen writer and talented visionary, Joe and Suzanne foresee a community where businesses, churches and families can explore their resources and creativity through the Arts, Entertainment and Outdoor Adventure settings.



Shirley ChristmonRev. Shirley Christmon
Board Director
Pastor and Diversity Educator

Whether preaching, teaching or visiting nations around the world, Shirley Christmon crosses boundaries. She moves across denominational, cultural, racial and national lines to bring an expression of God’s Kingdom to the individual. She longs to see people in every nation living freely in God’s abundance.

Shirley is an ordained pastor whose lifework involves reaching and encouraging people right where they are at, no matter how desperate their situation may be. She faithfully prays for the larger world picture as well as for immediate needs. She often has an insightful word that by-passes the superficial and speaks directly to the heart.

Having been raised in an extended family of preachers and ministers she has a passion to also raise up the next generation to serve God whole-heartedly. She wants to impact lives with the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, and to provide training in applying practical truth of the scriptures to everyday life. Her intent is to bring clear understanding to Hebrews 6:19, which describes our hope in God as a secure anchor for our soul.

Shirley received her B.S. in Organizational Management in Christian Leadership and she has raised 2 sons, and 3 daughters, and now has 12 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. She lives in metro Denver where she has established a non-profit ministry named Anchored Life.