Redeeming the Past ...

During our RELATIONSHIP Circles, we’ll be utilizing the genius of Piccadilly’s journal, “The Story of My Life” which you can purchase on Amazon among other booksellers.

The day will consist of answering random questions out of this journal, sharing our thoughts and experiences, as well as a hearty laugh or two. 

PSST – This is a great Circles meeting to invite new friends to come to!


The Story Of Your Life

A Story is in You

A good memoir is more than an autobiography that chronicles your existence; it’s a life on a page full of description and dialog, a window into your past.

Every life is packed with stories worth telling, and no one can tell them better than the person who lived them. The blank page is the most intimidating and procrastination-inspiring part of any writing project. Luckily, this notebook clears that hurdle for you. In its pages, you’ll find prompts and exercises, written by a published writer, to help you bring your stories to life.