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Circle events are specific types of activities facilitating educational experiences, conversations, and productivity in life and business.

Founded in 2012, Circles Groups support one of our nations greatest and most forgotten treasures … Mothers and Grandmothers.

We meet in the Denver Metro area and online.

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No shallow or surface conversations here! Conversations are facilitated by a Professional Life Coach and are safe, insightful, and without shame or blame. You will meet other people like yourself who are seeking real conversations and who are tired of walls and pretenses.

Participants enjoy a safe environment in which they are invited to enter into conversations at their own pace. We invite you to participate in our often humorous and insightful conversations which address root issues of life, relationships and pursuing dreams.

Everything has a lesson! Whether over a cup of coffee or in a facilitated discussion, lessons are learned through noticing and being safe to ask questions or in sharing insights.

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CIRCLES GROUPSRELATIONSHIP CIRCLES – Developing a healthy relationship with others AND with yourself

Thoughtful, interesting, and insightful conversations about life, faith, and living with others different from ourselves, are the backbone and mission of Circles Groups. It is through these discussions that we learn about one another. Our different personalities, life experiences, talents, interests, and humor are what make relationships rich and vital to healthy living. 

MEETS: Bi-weekly locally 

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