Stormy Seas

Ever felt like you were being tossed on the waves? A scripture says, “a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” Modern terminology calls this turbulent state of mind COGNITIVE DISSONANCE and defines it as the belief in two opposing things at the same time.

To find balance in our minds, we must embrace one belief over the other. Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation, as well as outright deception, poses as fact. When we unwittingly accept as accurate that which is false, the truth will ultimately arise to make waves, signaling that we are lost and unstable in our thinking.

YOU ARE HERE ... finally

Stormy seas, tossed in the waves

Have you ever gone shopping in a huge mall, or gotten lost in an airport and aren’t sure where you are? The first thing to do in such a case is to look for someone to point the way to your destination or locate a map. The next thing you do is to look for the X that marks the spot. You will know it by the big red letters on the sign that state YOU ARE HERE.

Why “finally”? For some reason, most people wander aimlessly and in pain for a long, long time before finally getting tired of hurting and repeating negative patterns. It is then that they decide to seek answers – NO MATTER WHAT. 


"You are HERE"

You aren’t the first to be HERE, you aren’t the last. Be courageous – you can do this!

What to do when you feel lost


You can’t change anything until you realize that change is needed. Here’s what to look for:

  1. Hopelessness
  2. Depression, sorrow, anger
  3. Confusion
  4. Patterns of self-abusive thoughts and behaviors

Noticing these negative states of Being helps you identify the damage created by others. This begins at birth and doesn’t end until we end it.

1 - Renew Your Mind

How you think and what you believe today are a result of what you’ve been taught (or caught) over a long period of time. 

What is familiar often feels like the truth because it “resonates” with what you already know and believe. 

Read a book, watch a video – even if it’s just a few minutes each day.

2 - Identify your Payoff

What are you sacrificing on the altar of being RIGHT?

What IS Your Payoff?
(When You Refuse to Renew Your Mind?)

You are comforted (possibly in a very unhealthy way) by believing you are RIGHT versus being wrong (and confirming everything you already fear). Who wants to think they are WRONG? (Even if it means never healing – at least you believe you are RIGHT!)

3 - Only NOW Counts

One step at a time

One Step at a Time - KEEP IT SIMPLE

  1. First NOTICE – Notice your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, reactions.
  2. Second ADJUST – When you hear yourself say something negative (noticing) then say out loud the opposite. (Instead of “you’re such a dummy” say something like, “let’s try that again”.)
  3. Third FORGIVE YOURSELF for not being perfect. You are doing the best you know how to do with what you have.
  4. Fourth GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to enjoy life, to heal, to BE.

The PAST is over.

The FUTURE isn’t here.

This moment NOW is where you live. 

Get Help!

Join a Support Group, Seek a Licensed Therapist or Life Coach

As tempting as it is to isolate – don’t do it. If you fall, who will pick you up?

Scriptures to Remind You of God's Promises

Invest Time and Effort in Finding Answers

Yes, you need to research yourself, because finding answers that set you free isn’t something others can do for you. YOU need to set your intention in that direction. Research accomplishes that for you. It sets your intention.

I understand that sometimes you are lucky if you can drag yourself out of bed because of the storms that are hitting you all at once. The key to overcoming this is realizing you only have to deal with NOW.

Just … one … step. Just … one moment …at a time.

One step in the right direction, repeated often, moves you toward your destination. Do ONE STEP now. 

TO GET YOU STARTED, the following links are GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS based on keywords embedded in the links. Pick one of the websites and if you like it. If you like it and it resonates with you, bookmark it for later. 


Helpful Videos - Start Here

Calming the Mind, Healing the Heart

HELPFUL VIDEOS to get you started

Dr. Caroline Leaf
Recognize Depression

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Happify YouTube

HELPFUL PLAYLISTS to Calm and Inform to get you started

Link opens multiple playlists to watch that calm and relax the mind. All videos in this list are of nature. (Completed People LLC)

Link opens multiple playlists to educate you in a variety of ways to reframe your thoughts. (Completed People LLC)


Link opens multiple playlists to help you understand the toxic programming that harmed you. (Completed People LLC)

BONUS: Your down day may be due to the natural energetic rhythms in life.

Everything on this beautiful planet of ours experiences cycles and seasons. The ebb and flow of life and energy are what keeps everything moving forward, reproducing, changing, growing, and experiencing death.

Biorhythms are the result of identifying the various cycles of our life energy as it is manifested through physical energy, emotional, intelligence, and intuition. Why is this important? Frankly, it really helps to know what is going on with ourselves energetically before we start self abusing through frustration, anger, and self-loathing because we aren’t at our peak performance for the day.