Handouts from Previous Circles Meetings


4-Personality Types4-Types

Illustrated graph of 4 general personality types plus worksheet for notes. This worksheet introduces you to four types of personality-expressions and behaviors.



“Follow the Bouncing Ball” This worksheet helps to guide your noticing of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.



This handout is a list of permissions and affirmations. Cut them into strips, or keep it whole. Great freedom reminders.


Garden of JudgmentsJudgments

Our lives grow and change, based on the decisions we make – and the judgments we pass. This worksheet helps you to discover your paths of judgments.


Noticing Your FaceIdentity

Notice your face … and the immediate thoughts, judgments, emotions, and beliefs that arise when you first look in the mirror.


Higher truth illustrative videoNegative Thinking vs Truth

Shannon is narrating this illustration while drawing. (5.35 minutes long) This raw, live narration is a bit slow but captures this graphic illustration to explain the process of renewing your mind and getting rid of the stories in your head.



Judging - Board Illustration

Click on image to view full size.

Two Types of Judging

From time to time, Shannon draws a lesson live, as a graphic recording, in order to better illustrate the concepts being taught. In this case, this illustration is a comparison of the two types of judging that we do. One is toxic, the other is beneficial and necessary to setting boundaries and extending grace and forgiveness.


Gem metaphorsIdentifying with Rocks and Gems

There is no lack of evidence regarding God’s creativity and originality. Gems, rocks, stones, and minerals are mesmerizing metaphors as to the beauty and individuality that describes each of us. This PDF download is perfect for meditating on your past journey and who you are today after life’s pressures and challenges that have shaped your life. Which one do you identify with?


Personality Test - LIttauerPersonality Test

PDF test that you can print and take to discover your personality type. Print others for family and friends to get understanding of those around you in your family work and church.


16 Personalities16 Personalities

ONLINE – Take their Personality Test and get a ‘freakishly accurate’ description of who you are and why you do things the way you do.


Motivational Gifts

Ever wonder what is motivating you to do what you do, be with the people you choose to be with, and make the decisions that you do? Discover your WHY – Find out what motivates you.

Not all resources listed in this area will be designated as “Christian” or labeled as such, but contain truth and useful tools. 

Byron Katie

Byron Katie

Byron Katie has one job: to show people how to end their suffering. On the blog, she provides snippets of Work to support you in finding your own freedom. Videos and “The Work” worksheets.


Robbins Madanes Training

Have you ever thought of becoming a Life Coach? This site’s purpose is to train “Strategic Intervention” coach training. When you subscribe to their emails, they will send a series of sample videos that are outstanding.

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