Contributions to Living Stones Center are welcome and are tax-deductible to the donor pursuant to current tax laws.  LSC accepts contributions by cash, check, credit card and personal property, etc. If you have any questions regarding your contribution, please contact us

Donate to Living Stones Center

Contributions are used for administrative, maintenance and more importantly, to fund projects that are focused on healing families and individuals in order to understand themselves, their loved ones and to move forward in living life fully.


Projects include:

Last Straw Farms = Growing ideas by reconnecting families and individuals to what matters in their life.

Circles = Relationship and mentoring for women in an intimate group setting at a variety of locations.

Question regarding Electronic Funds Transfer Donations …

“Many of us are bi-vocational. Through our other employer, we contribute through paycheck deduction to United Way or other employer-sponsored charities. If Sarah’s Tent has a “charity number” (I do not know what the official/legal reference name to this….) that I can enter on my payroll deduction card, then my contributions would go to the designated agency than some other organization that’s pre-selected for non-designated donations….”    K. S.


Sarah’s Tent, as with all of our projects, are a part of Living Stones Center, and is tax deductible.  The number you are looking for is our EIN number.  Contact us, we’d be happy to supply you with that number – and thanks for thinking of us! 

Here’s a form for you to complete that will allow you to do this.

Here’s a guide to explain this further.

Annual Periodic Report of Good Standing

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