Our Values and Dynamics

Redeem the past – Cherish now – Live for the future

Discover the patterns and ‘circles’ of behaviors that have repeated themselves in your past.

Learn how to change your perception of events in order to change your experiences, past, present, and future. 

Our Vision: To provide resources, workshops, educational materials, and activities for the purpose of healing (body, soul, and spirit,) by redeeming past experiences and trauma in order to move towards a healthy and productive future. 

Our Mission: Is to show you the value and worth of YOU and those you meet along your life’s journey.  

Many have not had the opportunity to address the trauma sustained in their own lives, never mind those of their families and friends. Women are often in the heart of trauma – whether they are the solution or the problem.

Individuals and their families are struggling with greater stress than ever before. Ill-health, disconnection in relationships, and high anxiety are common and can be attributed to 24/7 access to negative news constantly streaming into family units, striking fear, and helplessness in the hearts of people who want more for their children and community.

Taking the lessons that we learned and experienced personally through trauma, chaos, and conflict within a religious setting, we identified key areas that must be addressed within the individual before a community can be truly whole and functioning – religious or not.

Through experiential education in the form of events, discussion groups, and community outreach, we are addressing the issues of:

Health in an over-processed, over-stressed world we address …

  • Communication and relationships issues within the marriage, and with parents and children
  • Understanding individual strengths and weaknesses that support or undermine family or community effectiveness
  • Stress caused by anxiety and fearful, negative thinking
  • Depression and hopelessness from polluted bodies and minds
  • Providing participants with a wide range of tools that they can use independently or access support for more difficult issues.

Addressing conflict through:

  • Learning how to identify core issues within daily challenges and avoiding assumptions
  • Discovering personal strengths, motivations and learning how to work with others who are opposites.
  • Setting goals and dreams by uncovering areas of fear or personal blocks that prevent creativity and discovery.
  • Understanding church and workplace conflict and how to navigate through life after crisis situations arise.
  • Rebuilding life after major life changes including divorce, natural disasters, death, addictions or theft.
  • Mental and emotional health recovery

When people are overstressed, fearful, carrying past offenses, judgments, and injury, they affect local communities, churches, and workplaces … not to mention their families and children, in a negative and harmful way. 

Providing answers and experiences to help them uncover the blocks that prevent them from having a fulfilling life, is of utmost importance – especially now when we live in a world of 24/7 negative and terrifying news streams.

Individuals and groups learn how to take responsibility for their health, communicate more effectively with one another, and create new futures for themselves and their families while embracing their purpose and passion by discovering their strengths and genius. 

Experiential learning includes:

  • Workshops, seminars, and camps  (soul & spirit)
  • How health, nutrition, and fitness affect their successes and dreams (body)
  • Learning creative expression and self-confidence through drama and the arts (soul)
  • Entrepreneurial mentorship & training  (financial stewardship)

Our goal is to provide ideas, experience, resources, and support to individuals and church congregations, underprivileged youth, single parents, and survivors of abuse.

Living Stones Church, Inc. was incorporated in 1992 as a 501(c)(3)  nonprofit. As Living Stones Center in Colorado, we work with other churches and nonprofits to provide faith-based mentoring, activities, and resources to women over forty and their families.

All donations are tax deductible

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