Living Stones is about understanding our unique differences … about learning through experiential education, how we communicate, how we make our decisions, how we relate to others – and in turn, how we affect the world around us.

Diversity in Communication

Differences in education, cultural experience, personality and motivational focus, life experiences, etc. all contribute to positive experiences and potential challenges in our lives.  

Not understanding simple clues and behaviors within ourselves and in others, negative responses are more likely to occur as we respond with our various filters and belief systems. Chaos, confusion, offenses, and emotional upheavals are inevitable. Left unchecked, serious dysfunctions arise in the form of abusive and enabling behaviors. 

Being told what the problem is most often causes people to throw up the walls and defend their position. Creating an experience, however, will enable the participant to discover things at a much deeper level.  

Some of the areas that we address are …

  • Recovery from abuse and addictions

  • Identifying personal truths and moving from victim to responsible mindsets

  • Rediscovering dreams and passion

  • Equipping the individual to identify what is blocking their dreams

  • Identifying resources and obstacles

  • Learning how to communicate with family, friends and team members


Other ways of applying experiential education is to achieve specific goals such as …

  • Hands on learning of how to build your dream including

    • team building

    • financial stewardship

    • marketing

    • business planning

    • capital fund raising

    • crisis management

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