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  • Health Circle
    Guest speakers and/or videos to learn more about our health and well-being.
  • Movie Circle
    May be in a theater or a home – Discussion and food follow.
  • Tea Circle
    Boulder Tea House and other Tea establishments for relaxed conversation
  • Book Circle
    Meet in a home to discuss various books and literary discoveries
  • Author Circle
    Hosted by Judith Briles – we carpool from the north – meet others at her house. Join this MeetUp. We are supporting another nonprofit with our attendance in their efforts to introduce individuals to the world of publishing.
  • Walking Circle
    (Dogs and children Welcome) – at E.B. Raines Park
  • Nature Circle
    Exploring nature, mountains, parks, lakes, etc. Learning to listen and see how nature tells a story of life and renewal.
  • Business Circle
    Exploring options to earn and establish multiple streams of income. Brainstorming, MasterMind, Networking and sharing of resources.
  • Mentoring Circles
    Sharing what we know with others (cooking, crafts, family skills and more)
  • Genesis Circles
    New beginnings and understanding for couples, both men and women are welcome to attend. Discussion, guest speakers, videos and books.
  • Home Circle
    All things pertaining to making your house, a home. Interior design, cleaning, organizing and other ideas to make your life easier and happier at home.
  • Kitchen Circle
    MMMmmmm food, cooking, hospitality in the kitchen. Learn to make quick and easy meals, share recipes, homemade biscuits, yummy crockpot recipes and more. Invite a friend or share a recipe!
  • Bike Circles
    Bring your bike and enjoy an active day of riding with good friends. Bring a snack and water to drink!
  • Couple Circles
    Yep, the men get to get in on this too. Conversations take on a whole new dynamic and energy when we invite the guys to participate in topics of interest to couples, married or single – these are a great way to hear what the other sex thinks.
  • Diversity Circles
    While we are learning about ourselves and about the other sex, how about those who are different in other ways? Learn what the world looks like from someone who is of an other race than you, or who is physically challenged or who has lived in a culture different from ours. Open conversations in a safe and loving format – guaranteed to open eyes and change perceptions.
  • Master Mind Circles
    For Leaders who are already actively engaged in mentoring and leading others. They include pastor’s wives, pastors, coaches, change makers, counselors, etc. They have given their lives to continuous pursuit of growth, for themselves and for those they lead. Personal support, encouragement and insights in a safe, and confidential setting.