Experiential Learning Activities

Actively learning

The traditional method of teaching and learning is through verbal repetition applied to memory.

A facilitated experience is more effective because it engages all of the senses in the learning process.

  • Activity based learning for experiential results
  • Educational 
  • Community
  • Free healthy drinking water
  • Classes on healthy eating
  • Reconnect through physical and artistic activities


Through recreational events and meetings attendees will experience a variety of activities that usually include as many forms of experiential activities

Online workshops include visuals, discussion, and white board participation.


Providing healthy, purified Kangen water to the community through participating churches, businesses, schools and organizations.

Workshops dedicated to helping individuals and families learn more about how to live a healthy lifestyle while navigating a limited budget.

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(Community Health, Independence Resource Project)

The Arts

Drama / learning creative expression and self confidence through drama and the arts, writing and community service.

Drawing and Painting / creative expression to assist in thoughtful reflection and the releasing of emotional blockages

Family activities on a farm without the distraction of electronic devices, but getting back to nature – and communicating through physical activities and play imagination.

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Last Straw Farms 

Ministry & Life

Encouragement, conversation, coaching, and education for women in ministry and those who they impact.

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Sarah’s Tent 

Circles Events



Business and Professional Friends

Completed People = coaching, workshops, retreats, educational materials

IllustratingYou, LLC = graphic recording and illustration

My Great Health = providing equipment and classes for community outreach for health education.

Strategies for Healing, Inc. = perception reframing, addiction and recovery, PTSD and family therapy, Biblical counseling.

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