Experiential Learning Activities

Actively learning

The traditional method of teaching and learning is through verbal repetition applied to memory.

A facilitated experience is more effective because it engages all of the senses in the learning process.

  • Activity based learning for experiential results
  • Educational 
  • Community
  • Reconnect through physical and artistic activities


Through recreational events and meetings, attendees will experience a variety of activities that usually include as many forms of experiential activities

Online workshops include visuals, discussion, and whiteboard participation.

Family Units … Beginning with Gramma

Encouragement, conversation, coaching, and education for women in ministry and those who they impact.

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Circles Events = Deep and interesting conversations that help women over fifty make sense of the past and live forward to a fulfilling future. 

Sarah’s Tent = For pastor’s wives and women in ministry

The Arts

Drama / learning creative expression and self confidence through drama and the arts, writing and community service.

Drawing and Painting / creative expression to assist in thoughtful reflection and the releasing of emotional blockages

Family activities on a farm without the distraction of electronic devices, but getting back to nature – and communicating through physical activities and play imagination.

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Last Straw Farms  

Business and Professional Friends

Completed People = coaching, workshops, retreats, educational materials

IllustratingYou, LLC = graphic recording and illustration

Strategies for Healing, Inc. = perception reframing, addiction and recovery, PTSD and family therapy, Biblical counseling.

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