LSC_faviconLiving Stones Church, Inc., currently operating as Living Stones Center in the Denver Metro area of Colorado, is not your traditional church setting. 

After experiencing common struggles within an organized church structure, we made the decision to close the doors to the traditional church building setting and service times, to focus on addressing the trauma that caused the conflicts within church organizations and the communities they serve.  

By focusing on women over fifty we are addressing the heart of the typical Christian family – which is Mom and Grandmothers. As the matriarchal influence over families, Mothers, and Grandmothers are known for their volunteering, working, praying and nurturing within church congregations and their families.

We focus on smaller, more intimate groups of discussion and activities. Circles Groups for women is a thriving and active community of women who are sharing their wisdom, experiences, dialogs and traumas so that healing can begin–first in themselves, then in how they relate to one another and then towards their families.

Additional projects and activities occur on a periodic basis to enable families to reconnect and experience a deeper way of communicating, addressing trauma and pain, and interacting within their communities.